10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 3)

10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 3)

What are the European fashion trends for men that have spread and affected the whole world? Let’s continue to explore!


If you want to choose more outfits this season, don’t be afraid. Mix brightly colored colors together to create a bold outfit of your own. Costumes for men have never been this interesting.

Do not hesitate! Geometric motifs, flowers, polka dots, etc. Nothing is right or wrong in this year’s fashion season.

There are no rules at all. Free coordination. A pair of ditsy floral motifs with a T-shirt print such a flower.

You can play better with a camouflage jacket.

Beret, Cap

Luxurious and elegant, beret hats become a fashion standard for men this year. Add this hat to your outfit to show your style.

Choose a shirt, tie and suit to create a formal appearance and learning.

In addition, you can wear extra jackets and jeans with luxurious accessories.

What you need to do is choose a color – navy blue, gray, black or burgundy – the choice is yours.

Multi-pocket clothing

A jacket, vest, or pants with many pockets returned this spring. Not only convenient in carrying the necessary items, they have been designed in a trendy style.

How to match

Wear as many layers of costumes as possible to create the desired look.

Choose a neutral style such as khaki, beige and navy blue so that the layers of clothes blend well with each other.

Put on a vest with a jacket on the outside to give yourself an elegant, alluring look.

Catch up with the trend

Above are the top 10 fashion trends come from SS19’s menswear show. You will see these trends coming to the streets soon. From oversized, vignette-colored, pale blue shades of sage to wide-legged pants, you have plenty of options this spring.