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Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 1)

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Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 1)

Modern life requires men to strive to develop themselves and there are many mobile applications that can support that. Instead of surfing facebook or playing games all day, you can install the applications below to get yourself better.

iBooks (iOS)

iBooks is an online reading application and allows free access from iPhone, iPad. The iBooks application allows users to read their favorite giant books, stories, novels at no cost. iBooks has been built as a default application on iOS devices, which increases the number of registered users compared to the past, an estimated 1 million new accounts are created each week.

iBooks is an ebook reading application, users can download free works or buy other works from Apple bookstore. The large screen of iOS devices is also one of the reasons for the rapid increase in the number of iBooks accounts because they are more suitable for reading books.

Money Lover

Money Lover is a personal finance management application that helps users track expenses and make spending plans on smartphones and computers. The app is capable of giving reports, reminders, and advice to help users build smart and planned consumption habits.

Money Lover is also the first app in Southeast Asia to help users automatically track and categorize transactions from various sources such as SMS, invoices, emails and bank accounts. Money Lover is available on Android, iOS, Windows and browser versions.

Developed since 2012 by a young startup group, Money Lover is now the world’s leading application in personal finance management. The application has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and received the love of users from many countries such as the USA, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.


Apps that help users learn a foreign language are many, but the quality and especially free applications are almost rare to meet these criteria. However, Duolingo is one of those few applications. Offering a completely free language learning curriculum, no ads and no fees during use, Duolingo is almost perfect.

Not only English, Duolingo also provides users with many popular languages ​​around the world to learn such as French, German or Spanish and more. With Duolingo, your foreign language learning will be more flexible, anytime, anywhere.

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5 best men’s magazines for men

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5 best men’s magazines for men

Today, men’s magazine pages have become an indispensable friend of men. A place to provide information, useful knowledge about fashion, health, lifestyle for men.

We would like to introduce to readers the top 5 best men’s magazines in the world, helping men build a more interesting lifestyle.

1. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a magazine run by Rodale Inc. Published in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA, is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand, with 35 editions in 59 countries. It is also the best-selling men’s magazine on US newsstands.

Despite being started as a men’s health magazine, Men’s Health men’s magazine currently covers various men’s lifestyle topics like fitness, nutrition, fashion and sex. The magazine’s website,, averages over 118 million page views per month.

2. Playboy

Playboy is an American men’s magazine founded in Chicago, Illinois by Hugh Hefner. This magazine has evolved into Playboy Company of all types of audiovisual. Playboy is a well known and well-known brand throughout the world.

The website of the Playboy men’s magazine at also attracted millions of views.

3. The Maxim

Maxim is an international men’s magazine, founded and launched in the UK in 1995, but based in New York City since 1997, famous for actress, singer and female photographer. Maxim has about 9 million readers per month. Maxim Digital reaches over 4 million unique viewers each month. Maxim men’s magazine publishes 16 editions, sold in 75 countries around the world.

Maxim’s website has the address:

4. Men’s Journal for Men

Men’s Journal is a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine focused on outdoor entertainment. Men’s Journal covers editorials on the outdoors, environmental issues, health and fitness, style and fashion, and equipment.

It was founded in 1992 by Jann Wenner of Wenner Media, who sought to create a publication for “successful, successful men to create a stylish and adventurous lifestyle”. Wenner Media sold Men’s Journal for American Media, Inc. in 2017.

5. GQ Men’s Magazine

GQ (formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly) is a monthly men’s magazine in New York City. Founded in 1931, the publication focuses on fashion, style and culture for men. Articles on food, film, gymnastics, music, tourism, sports, technology and books are also provided.

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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 3)

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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 3)

What are the European fashion trends for men that have spread and affected the whole world? Let’s continue to explore!


If you want to choose more outfits this season, don’t be afraid. Mix brightly colored colors together to create a bold outfit of your own. Costumes for men have never been this interesting.

Do not hesitate! Geometric motifs, flowers, polka dots, etc. Nothing is right or wrong in this year’s fashion season.

There are no rules at all. Free coordination. A pair of ditsy floral motifs with a T-shirt print such a flower.

You can play better with a camouflage jacket.

Beret, Cap

Luxurious and elegant, beret hats become a fashion standard for men this year. Add this hat to your outfit to show your style.

Choose a shirt, tie and suit to create a formal appearance and learning.

In addition, you can wear extra jackets and jeans with luxurious accessories.

What you need to do is choose a color – navy blue, gray, black or burgundy – the choice is yours.

Multi-pocket clothing

A jacket, vest, or pants with many pockets returned this spring. Not only convenient in carrying the necessary items, they have been designed in a trendy style.

How to match

Wear as many layers of costumes as possible to create the desired look.

Choose a neutral style such as khaki, beige and navy blue so that the layers of clothes blend well with each other.

Put on a vest with a jacket on the outside to give yourself an elegant, alluring look.

Catch up with the trend

Above are the top 10 fashion trends come from SS19’s menswear show. You will see these trends coming to the streets soon. From oversized, vignette-colored, pale blue shades of sage to wide-legged pants, you have plenty of options this spring.

Fashion for men

10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 2)

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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 2)

Let’s continue exploring the list of top 10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world!


When you consider choosing outerwear for this season, prioritize an oversized overcoat. Forget your perfectly tailored jacket and your baggy style.

No buttons and leave open to create a stylish look.

Wear a suitable pair of pants and try contrasting colors to create a unique look.

Also, choose denim pants to create a more casual look.


Beautiful and diverse, it’s time for you to care about the green of sage leaves. This is the perfect color to match the clothes you usually wear.

A color you can easily match from start to finish, whether it’s a summer suit or a relaxing sports outfit.

Let’s add the green color of sage for denim pants or T-shirts to look beautiful and discreet.

If you like this fashion style, choose an elegant shirt with light blue.


Whether you like hiking in the countryside or not, sandal shoes have been a fashion trend for the past week across Europe. Swap your climbing shoes this summer for a pair of big, useful sandals to keep up with the new fashion trend.

Wear extra socks to create a fancy look and express your ego.

Choosing a nice pair of pants and a T-shirt will bring the summer atmosphere.

Don’t forget the style of short pants, combining the two trends with a climbing sandals.

Cross straps

Take off your backpack and take the cross strap bag, wear it in front of your chest. Useful but trendy, this latest fashion trend will bring men’s clothing luxury.

There are many different styles, cross straps can match all summer dresses.

Choose jeans and a t-shirt or trousers and a jacket. You will definitely have to use up your entire wardrobe when using cross straps.

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The top 3 trendy sports for gentlemen

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The top 3 trendy sports for gentlemen

Sport is always the endless passion of men. But which sports are stylish and showing strong manners is something not every gentleman knows.

Passion for gold, basketball, rugby or badminton just stopped to a certain extent. But there are some sports that just mention the name, others must also admire because of its elegance and style.

Let’s see what sports are they!

1. Fencing – A noble sport

To wear the Musketeer’s shirt is the dream of so many men. This sport requires not only health and agility, but also the sensitivity of thinking. Because if you calculate the wrong way, you will be defeated narrowly.

This sport may seem very dangerous on the outside but today thanks to the development of technology, in a walking suit with electronic circuits. If the swordsman hits the opponent, the machine will signal to calculate the score.

The swordsman is very strictly protected. They will be clad in thick protective clothing, gloves, boots and a full face helmet. Players use swords with blades, round swords with a diameter of 5-8mm should not cause injury.

2. Golf – A trendy sport

Each golf club with the right kind of premium, the lowest price must also be from several thousand dollars or more. Not to mention, but the costs related to the training ground, etc.

Compared to other sports, golf is considered a noble sport with the costs calculated in dollars. Golfing fee is divided into 3 types. For members, the fee ranges from 15-27 dollars per game. Member guests have to pay a higher price, about $ 60-80. Visitor fees are the highest, up to and below $ 100.

3. Tennis

Unlike badminton, tennis requires players to have a physical strength not only good but also durable. Playing tennis is a way to get more physically active and consume more energy than jogging, aerobics and cycling.

According to many scientific studies in the world, if practiced properly and properly, tennis will bring a lot of benefits.

Playing tennis requires tactical thinking and agility, so this is a sport that prolongs the life of the nervous system, while helping people develop their brains. In particular, tennis is the leading sport in the ability to develop optimistic and healthy personality for people.

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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 1)

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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 1)

London is the center of the British fashion industry, and it is not uncommon for talented designers to launch seasonal collections to express themselves in the world fashion industry. European clothing designs for men quickly became a global style.

Same thing in Paris and Milan, two famous fashion capitals. Each season, the high-end fashion catwalks will showcase costumes that follow the latest fashion trends with trendy styles for streetwear outfits and it is sure to spread around the world. Of course, the latest fashion trend in Vietnam is not an exception because of its influence.

Famous brands such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Fendi, Balenciaga and Topman present collections of menswear to the audience eagerly waiting. Fashion shows in Europe are an important part of the Western fashion industry, in particular it greatly affects the Americas and Asia.

Inspired by catwalks in England, France and Italy. Discover new and fashionable styles to refresh your wardrobe. And always remember, don’t forget to explore yourself through experimenting with new styles.


Tailor shirt has never been outdated. Elegant and refined, a classic suit is a must for spring. As you know, designers often release this perfect new set of suits this season but still have interesting, surprising features with high quality of their collection.

Known for being flexible outfits, you can wear a pair of trainers and a t-shirt or choose a formal style with a shirt and tie.

Choose from checkered and striped motifs to look traditional or choose bright or striking colors to create a modern look.

Coordinate with a tailored jacket to complete the look.

Or take away the T-shirt, leave your topless on the street.

Short pants

In the summer, show off your feet with a pair of short, knee-length shorts – as short as possible.

Colors are varied to match with bright, striking or neutral colors depending on your taste.

If you choose this style in the spring, you can choose a combination of sneaker shoes, T-shirts and a jacket or in the hot months, sandals and caps are a perfect combo.


Replacing a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of loose ones is a wise decision this season for comfort. This is a fashion trend that won’t make much difference to your current wardrobe.

Feel free to choose your favorite wide-legged jeans.

Wearing a hoodie, blazer, T-shirt, outerwear and trainer shoes to create a look that expresses who you are.

Fashion for men

Winter 2019 fashion for men (Part 1)

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Winter 2019 fashion for men (Part 1)

What you wear is extremely important when every season comes in and goes by. Winter is a beautiful time of the year, despite of chilly weather. You can look really stylish and stay warm with certain items which are considered absolute must-haves when it comes to dressing for the weather. If you’re in search for style inspiration in the icy temperature, here are some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials for every man.

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The Most Powerful Sports Agents 2019: Football’s Jonathan Barnett Takes Over At No. 1

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The Most Powerful Sports Agents 2019: Football’s Jonathan Barnett Takes Over At No. 1

Cash has been flying across the football world this year, with the summer transfer featuring a €126 million deal for a player who had not yet turned 20: João Félix, now with Atlético Madrid. With all the money sloshing around, it should come as no big surprise that football players captured the top 3 spots on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes.

It should not be especially surprising, either, that the world’s most powerful sports agent now comes out of football.

Having negotiated more than $1.28 billion in active contracts and transfers fees, with his maximum possible commissions exceeding $128 million, Jonathan Barnett climbs to No. 1 on Forbes’ list, from No. 3 last year.

Barnett, co-founder, and chairman of the London-based Stellar Group, has represented some of Europe’s top football players for more than two decades and also played an instrumental role in bringing cricket to South Africa after the end of Apartheid. Barnett oversees Stellar’s list of more than 200 clients and has negotiated some of the biggest deals in football, including Welsh winger Gareth Bale’s massive $33 million-a-year contract with Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid’s $100 million-plus deal with Saúl Ñíguez.

Barnett isn’t the only one that has a great year, either. The 50 members of Forbes’ list of the most powerful sports agents in the world had negotiated above $37.5 billion in active player contracts, that nets $1.75 billion in maximum possible commissions, as of our cutoff in August. Those numbers are up from $33.4 billion and $1.6 billion last year.

Falling behind Barnett in the list is baseball agent Scott Boras. No sports agent in history has negotiated bigger deals than Boras, who manages an astounding $2.38 billion in active contracts, the highest total ever for a single agent. Boras’ namesake agency, Boras Corporation, is due about $119 million in maximum possible commissions.

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How to Fill Your Man’s Inner World (Part 2)

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How to Fill Your Man’s Inner World (Part 2)

Trust Husbands have thoughts and feelings which they keep to themselves and don’t always ask their wives for what they really want. For example, some men think they are responsible to financially take care of their wives, even if she earns more or contribute a dual-income to the household. Understanding men’s inner world will open up to a world of sucessful relation