How to Fill Your Man’s Inner World (Part 2)

Be accepted

All people want to be accepted for who they are and don’t want others to try to change them. In particular, if their wives try to change them men are often angered and hurt. Men think that superficial characteristics aren’t necessary to bring up but it’s understandable if it affects their health and safety.

Less Talkative

Don’t push it if your husband is tired, just generally isn’t up for a chat, busy with a project. it’s important for women to carve out time to talk with their husband and they can be especially talkative sometimes. Consider expressing yourself in additional ways through alternative ways like journaling, art, and online forums to your friends, or other family members.

Communication is important. A relationship where we never talk definitely aren’t appriciated by women. Check in to see if your husband is up for chat when you really want to get intimate and chat. You may need to schedule some time with him if he’s busy, so you both can get back on track.

Affection and Love

Sex remains very important for almost men, but many simply want to experience love and affection. To see what really makes him feel whole experiment with emotional and romantic affection. By being warm try different ways to show how much you care about him.

Showing that you care about him through actions of fondness such as massaging his shoulders, holding his hand in public, and leaving a love message on his voicemail… will touch his heart. You can always go ahead and give him a little flirtation or an unexpected kiss. Simple things you can do include telling him you’re sorry when things go wrong, telling him how much you love him, and cheering him on when he’s feeling doubtful.