How to Fill Your Man’s Inner World

Men really highly value sex. This seems to be what they want the most in a marriage. However, besides sexual relations men have many other desires.

Husbands have thoughts and feelings which they keep to themselves and don’t always ask their wives for what they really want. For example, some men think they are responsible to financially take care of their wives, even if she earns more or contribute a dual-income to the household. Understanding men’s inner world will open up to a world of sucessful relationship.


To be successful in the marriages couples need to trust each other. Trust is built in healthy relationships through honest with each other, frequent communication, and fair arguments. Trust is not built in several days, it need a long time to built. Over the years, couples will learn to show how much they love and appreciate each other and how to keep promises.

If you can not trust your husband have doubts about him, don’t engage in activities like spying and infidelity. What you should do is go to counseling and talk with your husband to wipe out the doubt.

High appriciation in his capabilities

Men tend to think that they need to protect their love and provide their capabilities. As a wife, you should make your man feel that he is a man and not a child. Civing him a little control to test what makes him tick if you are comfortable. Show your husband that you believe in his abilities and skills and always support him. Your encouragement is very meaningful for your man.

For example, if you to eat out let your man order for you or let him pay. From these little activities you two can develop trust and your man will feel reasponsible in the relationship.