Men’s criteria for choosing wife

Many women wonder that why a man choose that girl but not me. This is not a easy-to-answer question but you will find some reasons after reading the article below. Men always want a gentle, docile wife who loves and takes care of her husband.

Emotional harmony

A man chose this woman and not the other one in part because he felt she had harmony with her in the emotional field. She is affectionate, she touches her man in the way and according to how often he likes.

For example, if you give two women who have similar personalities, the man will choose the person he feels more affectionate because he thinks she is more warm, gentle and caring.

Harmony in men’s close communication groups

One of the main factors that makes a man choose a woman is that he feels she fits into the social group that he belongs to. Because almost everyone has parents and siblings – the group they consider their extended family later (when having a family). The man needs the woman he chooses to get along with his existing family.

Images are very important for men, so they also need to feel that the woman they choose deserves to be proud to introduce to their colleagues, whether they are in the auto repair shop or in a company law firm. The problem is simple: She must match the crowd he belongs to.

Knowing and sharing                        

Men have a lot of difficult things in life, so he wants to have a knowledgeable, sympathetic wife and share with him many things.

A wife who cares about taking care of her husband will make him struggle with his hard work in his daily work. Sharing with your husband for sympathy is a way to keep the heart of a man in the family.