Seven love stages in a man’s life (Part 1)

 What does the man want for relationship in the ages of 18, 25, 30, 35, 45, 50 and 60 …?

18-24. Pendulum love

Psychologists affirmed that men can only grow up after 25 years of age, when they have more or less appreciated themselves. Before that, men are people who are looking for themselves, finding what they want like hobbies, jobs, women … At this time, it is not recommended for a man to become a head of household because of the application. He is not ready to be responsible yet. So what will the girl do when she’s in a relationship with a guy like that? Make him fall in love but don’t make him marry. Love and prepare for growth together. Follow the fish so that the fish don’t jump off the net, fall into another lucky fisherman.

25 – 30. Nest time

That is the period when men mature socially. Basic feelings like recognition, maturity, prestige, prospects and other feelings are formed. Usually at this age men start to have some stability, become responsible and serious. It was time he could become a father. Also at this age, the man wishes to have the warmth, care and expression of love. Be gentle, cute and don’t forget to show your cooking ability.

30-35. Start boring

The “golden time” of the man is here. He feels young, life experiences give him confidence. That is why if he is not married, then trying to drag him to the registration room often ends in failure. He likes freedom because he has everything: work, home, women … For those who are married after thirty years old – or he is a good family man, on the other hand he may feel like he’s starting to get bored and appear to be “going back and forth”. Keeping him only possible by creating in him certain habits and intoxicating sex.