Seven love stages in a man’s life (Part 2)

It was in his early 30s that the man reached the peak of sexual desire, a wife who was always lumpy in a suit full of cooking was not what he wanted. More importantly, become an interesting and indispensable woman for him. In short, your man must understand that there are many women in the world, but as delicate, thoughtful and intelligent as he is, he will never find.

35 – 45. Single second time

After the “golden time” will come a period of strong decline, is the middle-aged crisis period. The man suddenly began to think and make conclusions about his life when the half-life was behind. Suddenly he realized he had become a completely different person, unlike what he had dreamed of as a boy and now had no time to fulfill that dream. During this time, the man can throw away anything. The man wants to change! The easiest way is to change your wife.

Therefore, the danger of family breakdown appears. The man came to another woman, not because she was better than her wife, but because she was someone else! They undermine their careers, change their destiny, an engineer can throw his college degree and go to the garden, the person who hates drinking is going to the cafeteria … It is in this age that there are many men suicidal. What should the woman do? If he starts to like stamps, collect with him. He started drawing, buy paint and cloth. A common passion will help both of them get closer …

45 – 55. White hair appeared

The period is relatively quiet. The man is stronger than before the crisis, he began to appreciate his rear. At that time, the health was still there, the children were growing up … It seemed like he began to want to discover his partner again.