Seven love stages in a man’s life (Part 3)

First of all, spiritual communication, like “I talk a little bit”. It would be great if in the meantime couples keep their emotional communication, otherwise the disaster will come. He will go looking for an emotional connection outside.

At this age, men begin to recognize the first signs of a decline in men’s strength. Sex often becomes a symbol – I suppose I am still very young and I can still! The ability to interact with young girls also raises his confidence and it is clear that inexperienced young girls are easily attracted to experienced men. It is best for a man to be busy with something in this age: Build a house, fix an apartment, raise a dog … It is important that he is interesting. It might be a little crazy, but it won’t hurt. Organize field trips, do something to make him surprise but enjoyable.

55 – 60. Each one has his part

The man was safe. He may become a little selfish, but that selfishness is social, helping him to be more attached to his family. The wife turns from a girlfriend to a close relative, someone you know from the inside out. If in the age of 30-40, it is bad to know from the inside out, then from 60 onwards, it is a big plus, a binding that cannot be divided or broken.

First of all, the feeling of being together is very pleasant. This is very important. Without warmth and mutual understanding, a man can become quiet and cut off communications with his wife and family. At that time, he wanted to find a place separate from everyone and would live alone, no matter what his wife would do. It was worse! Let the man know that you really need him. Always ask him for small things and don’t forget to thank him.

60 years old … Sustainable wisdom

There should be common things between the couple: taking care of the garden, taking care of grandkids or taking walks in the afternoons.

Of course, the above age determinations are not always true. There are people in their 50s who are not really mature socially and to their old age they are still confused, disappointed, find their place in life and try to express themselves. While someone from the age of 25 felt like a grown man. Rules are just rules, it depends.