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Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 3)

Posted by Alfred Russell on
Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 3)

My Day

My Day – a free application that helps count down times to events. Now, this app also has a countdown widget for users to follow. This is a countdown timer for birthdays, retirement days, travel trips, graduation days, weddings or other exciting events coming up.

Setting the date for important events in the calendar and the countdown timer will generate an accurate count of the remaining days. With My Day, the countdown timer is now easier than ever solo.

My Day is a free application to keep track of events, important dates, birthdays, meetings and other events that occur regularly. There are hundreds of time management or task management applications in the mobile world, but My Day still excels thanks to its simple solo structure and beautiful graphical interface.

Users can set up recurring tasks and events within the app, or add events once to receive notifications. Besides, if you check the events before they happen, you will know how much time is left until they occur and after the event, the time is also counted. So, this is not only a timer application but also helps count down.

With widget support, users don’t need to open the app every time they want to add that or check the event. You will see them directly on the home screen via the widget in the application. All events and dates can be set differently with unique backgrounds to make them easier to distinguish.

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker is the most easy-to-use habit generator you can find online. Why is habit important? Because a lot of people know what to do but they don’t always want to do it.

Trying to fight for yourself to decide whether to do it or not consumes a lot of energy but if you follow the routine, everything will be much simpler. The end result is that you will reach your goal if you maintain the habit for x days.

With Loop Habit Tracker, you just add what you want to do, frequency (several times a week), choose whether you need to remind or not, choose more colors for that task, that’s it. By default, the software will track you for 66 days to make sure the habit has been established.

Men's apps

Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 2)

Posted by Alfred Russell on
Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 2)


Duolingo also allows you to actively choose the level of English skills training, the application will ask whether you have ever studied English, or just new. If you choose to study English, the application will give you a simple solo test to roughly assess your level from which to give more appropriate exercises.

Support to fully train 4 main skills of language learning, of which Duolingo listening skills are divided into 2 modes including normal listening and slow listening to help learners get acquainted and increase ability reflex.

Learning content in the application is also classified into each lesson, must complete each lesson to be able to move to the next lesson. Duolingo also helps users track their progress and check whether they meet the academic standards for the day or not.

With the motto of learning and playing, Duolingo creates a comfortable learning environment and does not force learners into any framework. The vocabulary will repeat many times in many different contexts, this increases the ability of the learner to memorize. In addition, you also have the opportunity to translate actual vocabulary in the language you study.


Meditation is a way of bringing the body to a state of stillness, sitting still and focusing on the breath. Through many experiments, scientists have shown that meditation has many health benefits, including the ability to reduce stress and exercise memory. If you’re trying to meditate but find it difficult to start then Calm is a special application recommended for you.

Start your new week by installing Calm on your computer and you will see how this app brings you great benefits. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, open Calm, choose the time you want to relax and start listening to soothing sounds to bring your mind to a state of stillness. It can be birdsong, the sound of waves, the sound of water or any natural sound you desire.

Men's apps

Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 1)

Posted by Alfred Russell on
Top 9 best phone apps for modern men (Part 1)

Modern life requires men to strive to develop themselves and there are many mobile applications that can support that. Instead of surfing facebook or playing games all day, you can install the applications below to get yourself better.

iBooks (iOS)

iBooks is an online reading application and allows free access from iPhone, iPad. The iBooks application allows users to read their favorite giant books, stories, novels at no cost. iBooks has been built as a default application on iOS devices, which increases the number of registered users compared to the past, an estimated 1 million new accounts are created each week.

iBooks is an ebook reading application, users can download free works or buy other works from Apple bookstore. The large screen of iOS devices is also one of the reasons for the rapid increase in the number of iBooks accounts because they are more suitable for reading books.

Money Lover

Money Lover is a personal finance management application that helps users track expenses and make spending plans on smartphones and computers. The app is capable of giving reports, reminders, and advice to help users build smart and planned consumption habits.

Money Lover is also the first app in Southeast Asia to help users automatically track and categorize transactions from various sources such as SMS, invoices, emails and bank accounts. Money Lover is available on Android, iOS, Windows and browser versions.

Developed since 2012 by a young startup group, Money Lover is now the world’s leading application in personal finance management. The application has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and received the love of users from many countries such as the USA, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.


Apps that help users learn a foreign language are many, but the quality and especially free applications are almost rare to meet these criteria. However, Duolingo is one of those few applications. Offering a completely free language learning curriculum, no ads and no fees during use, Duolingo is almost perfect.

Not only English, Duolingo also provides users with many popular languages ​​around the world to learn such as French, German or Spanish and more. With Duolingo, your foreign language learning will be more flexible, anytime, anywhere.