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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 2)

Posted by Alfred Russell on
10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 2)

Let’s continue exploring the list of top 10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world!


When you consider choosing outerwear for this season, prioritize an oversized overcoat. Forget your perfectly tailored jacket and your baggy style.

No buttons and leave open to create a stylish look.

Wear a suitable pair of pants and try contrasting colors to create a unique look.

Also, choose denim pants to create a more casual look.


Beautiful and diverse, it’s time for you to care about the green of sage leaves. This is the perfect color to match the clothes you usually wear.

A color you can easily match from start to finish, whether it’s a summer suit or a relaxing sports outfit.

Let’s add the green color of sage for denim pants or T-shirts to look beautiful and discreet.

If you like this fashion style, choose an elegant shirt with light blue.


Whether you like hiking in the countryside or not, sandal shoes have been a fashion trend for the past week across Europe. Swap your climbing shoes this summer for a pair of big, useful sandals to keep up with the new fashion trend.

Wear extra socks to create a fancy look and express your ego.

Choosing a nice pair of pants and a T-shirt will bring the summer atmosphere.

Don’t forget the style of short pants, combining the two trends with a climbing sandals.

Cross straps

Take off your backpack and take the cross strap bag, wear it in front of your chest. Useful but trendy, this latest fashion trend will bring men’s clothing luxury.

There are many different styles, cross straps can match all summer dresses.

Choose jeans and a t-shirt or trousers and a jacket. You will definitely have to use up your entire wardrobe when using cross straps.