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10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 1)

Posted by Alfred Russell on
10 European fashion trends for men that affect the whole world (Part 1)

London is the center of the British fashion industry, and it is not uncommon for talented designers to launch seasonal collections to express themselves in the world fashion industry. European clothing designs for men quickly became a global style.

Same thing in Paris and Milan, two famous fashion capitals. Each season, the high-end fashion catwalks will showcase costumes that follow the latest fashion trends with trendy styles for streetwear outfits and it is sure to spread around the world. Of course, the latest fashion trend in Vietnam is not an exception because of its influence.

Famous brands such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Fendi, Balenciaga and Topman present collections of menswear to the audience eagerly waiting. Fashion shows in Europe are an important part of the Western fashion industry, in particular it greatly affects the Americas and Asia.

Inspired by catwalks in England, France and Italy. Discover new and fashionable styles to refresh your wardrobe. And always remember, don’t forget to explore yourself through experimenting with new styles.


Tailor shirt has never been outdated. Elegant and refined, a classic suit is a must for spring. As you know, designers often release this perfect new set of suits this season but still have interesting, surprising features with high quality of their collection.

Known for being flexible outfits, you can wear a pair of trainers and a t-shirt or choose a formal style with a shirt and tie.

Choose from checkered and striped motifs to look traditional or choose bright or striking colors to create a modern look.

Coordinate with a tailored jacket to complete the look.

Or take away the T-shirt, leave your topless on the street.

Short pants

In the summer, show off your feet with a pair of short, knee-length shorts – as short as possible.

Colors are varied to match with bright, striking or neutral colors depending on your taste.

If you choose this style in the spring, you can choose a combination of sneaker shoes, T-shirts and a jacket or in the hot months, sandals and caps are a perfect combo.


Replacing a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of loose ones is a wise decision this season for comfort. This is a fashion trend that won’t make much difference to your current wardrobe.

Feel free to choose your favorite wide-legged jeans.

Wearing a hoodie, blazer, T-shirt, outerwear and trainer shoes to create a look that expresses who you are.