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The top 3 trendy sports for gentlemen

Posted by Alfred Russell on
The top 3 trendy sports for gentlemen

Sport is always the endless passion of men. But which sports are stylish and showing strong manners is something not every gentleman knows.

Passion for gold, basketball, rugby or badminton just stopped to a certain extent. But there are some sports that just mention the name, others must also admire because of its elegance and style.

Let’s see what sports are they!

1. Fencing – A noble sport

To wear the Musketeer’s shirt is the dream of so many men. This sport requires not only health and agility, but also the sensitivity of thinking. Because if you calculate the wrong way, you will be defeated narrowly.

This sport may seem very dangerous on the outside but today thanks to the development of technology, in a walking suit with electronic circuits. If the swordsman hits the opponent, the machine will signal to calculate the score.

The swordsman is very strictly protected. They will be clad in thick protective clothing, gloves, boots and a full face helmet. Players use swords with blades, round swords with a diameter of 5-8mm should not cause injury.

2. Golf – A trendy sport

Each golf club with the right kind of premium, the lowest price must also be from several thousand dollars or more. Not to mention, but the costs related to the training ground, etc.

Compared to other sports, golf is considered a noble sport with the costs calculated in dollars. Golfing fee is divided into 3 types. For members, the fee ranges from 15-27 dollars per game. Member guests have to pay a higher price, about $ 60-80. Visitor fees are the highest, up to and below $ 100.

3. Tennis

Unlike badminton, tennis requires players to have a physical strength not only good but also durable. Playing tennis is a way to get more physically active and consume more energy than jogging, aerobics and cycling.

According to many scientific studies in the world, if practiced properly and properly, tennis will bring a lot of benefits.

Playing tennis requires tactical thinking and agility, so this is a sport that prolongs the life of the nervous system, while helping people develop their brains. In particular, tennis is the leading sport in the ability to develop optimistic and healthy personality for people.