The man almost lost his life from alcoholism, breaking the world record for semi-marathon over 60 years old (Part 1)

An Irish man set a world record for the content of a male semi-marathon over the age of 60, although he had almost died from alcoholism before.

At the Antrim Coast Half Marathon (21.1km) Antrim Coast Half Marathon in Northern Ireland on September 12, 2020, fans witnessed a new world record in the male age group over 60 when Tommy Hughes completed into 21.1km with extremely good time: 1:11:09. This achievement is better than the old record 1:11:26 by Martin Rees (UK) set in 2013.

At the competition held in the context of the UK still heavily influenced by the COVID-19 translation, “national runner” Sir Mo Farah won the men’s championship with 1:01:27 record and Lily Partridge won the championship. female with time 1:10:36.

However, attention was focused on Tommy Hughes’ male world record over the age of 60. For those who haven’t followed this “corpse” for many years, Tommy is just an old man, looks tired and is honored in the age category. But for those longtime love jogging in the land of fog, Tommy Hughes was a runners with a decent reputation.

At Marrakesh Marathon in Morocco in 1992, Tommy finished with a time of 2:13:59 (42,195km) and qualified for the Barcelona Olympics that year. However, Tommy suffered fractures of his legs before attending the Olympics.

At the age of 32, Tommy represented the UK for the men’s marathon. That year, the marathon was the last event, so the organizers made a rule: the runners who ran later than 2 hours and 45 minutes will not be able to finish at the stadium, where the closing ceremony will take place shortly after. Despite his leg pain, Tommy still managed to get a 2:32:55 time and rank 72 overall. That is the most glorious moment of a man about to experience the most terrible things in his life. Tommy was an electrician, he married at the age of 21 and has 4 children.