Tips for men to dress elegantly during hot summer

Tips for men to dress elegantly during hot summer

Men’s costumes must not only be eye-catching and elegant, but also need to be suitable for the season and climate at the time of use. Summer is definitely a harsh element for men in choosing outfits, when you can’t show off your dignity and good looks by wearing elegant suits or wearing attractive dark ties. But it’s okay, we still have the necessary principles and advice to keep you cool and still be elegant in the eyes of the others in the middle of this hot summer. And the following are the most important things for you.

1. About clothes: Polo shirts and khaki pants

In Summer, many people will think of using cool and colorful T-shirts. These are absolutely reasonable options for hot weather. However, if you want to create elegant images, don’t forget polo shirts.

Bright colored polo shirts are the right choice to have the coolest look. Moreover, the material of polo shirts (if you choose the right type of linen or cotton shirt) is not inferior to the cool element compared to the T-shirt.

As for pants, it’s time for you to use khaki pants to go to work. So why should we wear khaki in summer instead of casual pants? There are two good reasons for this: First, khaki pants have more colors for you to choose from than casual pants. Second, Khaki pants are suitable for use with cool shoes like Loafer, Boat Shoes or Sneaker. Casual pants are nice, but will be suitable for the use of discreet shoes like Oxford or Derby, and this summer, it’s probably time for comfortable loafers to be crowned.

2. About color: Use bright clothes like white, beige or pastel

Summer is the season of bright clothes. In principle, bright-colored costumes absorb less heat than dark ones, moreover, these colorful outfits will help you look cool and make you feel comfortable, airy and not stuffy.

The bright colors you should use include: white, beige and pastel color. Pastel is the system of basic colors but at a light or very light level. The pastel colors you should use most in the summer are mint green, rosy and light blue.

3. About the material: Let’s start using linen

Linen is the coolest material to use on summer days. Besides the familiar cotton, linen shirt is definitely the kind of material you need. The value of linen lies not only in the cool feeling that this material makes for you, but they also give the impression of cool, airy for the others when they look at the outfit you wear

Shirt is the most popular linen outfit, in addition, in public places with cool air conditioning, linen suits can also be a good choice for you.

These are the tips for you to wear suitable clothes for both  “Fashion” and “Weather” on these hot summer days. Use bright clothes, cool materials, and don’t forget to flex your clothes to give yourself a simple and cool overall. Yes, surely, you will still be able to maintain your elegant dress style despite not having the support of the weather factor.