What game should men play? (Part 1)

Boys like to play games, but choosing which games to reveal the essence of men is worth mentioning.

Although the game is a virtual world, from which we can learn a lot of moralities: Wisdom, courage, and intrigue … So what kind of games do men have to play?

1. Diablo III

Blizzard’s passionate product, the game masterpiece, has opened a new era for online role-playing games. In Diablo the most classic thing for everyone to admire is the high-end gear.

In the extremely rich inventory of games, players can hardly get high-class equipment in a short time. The gamers will have to kill the monster in order to hope that in a lucky moment, it can drop a green or haunted equipment. That is the best moment in the game. Therefore, it is one of the most attractive elements, worth playing for this type of game. That is the motivation for the man to be constantly pursuing endless equipment with high level of determination

2. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

Instant strategy is always one of the game genres that many players love. Young men all like strategic planning and a refreshing feeling of cooperating with other players in this type of game. And Warcraft III: Frozen Throne has inherited the main idea of ​​its brother game, Starcraft, taking strategic planning and a sense of freedom to interact to a new level.

During the entire game, your country is in your hands. Its development is based entirely on the direction and decisions of the commander. The actities include seizing control of the bureaucracy, gathering resources, coordinating army units, and mastering actions

3. Counter Strike

This is really a name that doesn’t need to be told, most guys know. When participating in the CS world, you need to forget who you are. You need to keep in mind: You are currently a fearless cop or terrorist. What you face is: it will be for the testers who are not lyrical, in front of you there are only two possible paths: Live or die.

Especially in an important match, you need to achieve a 100% higher concentration of yourself. About 0.01 seconds, the reaction in lightning can determine your life and death, your mind must be highly concentrated. If you want to become a brave man, then you need to be dedicated to important things.