What game should men play? (Part 2)

4. Super Mario

At any time, the round nose plumber Mario always laughs innocently. Regardless of whether the body is buried in ​​flame or plugged into the flanks, either being pressed into rice paper or being crushed into soy sauce, he still laughs at you. He, who is a super-hero character, are famous and well-known for the whole game world.

In the world of Mario, danger has become fun, evil turned into lovely, chaotic become interesting, you control this guy in the world of dancing game like shuttle, after many failures he still come back, still show you the innocent and rustic smile. Moreover, the lovely music effect in the game also makes your tension dissipate, giving you a faith that fades away the dangers and difficulties, making you more optimistic.

5. Metal Gear Solid

This is a relatively special game which early appear from the beginning of the 90s. The way to play Metal Gear Solid is in the aspect of hide and refuge, and do no take action if not necessary. If you always hope for a fiery fight, for an enemy who kills a person right after seeing him/her, I regret to tell you: You are not suitable to play this type of game. it is interesting because, it gradually form a kind of evaluation criteria: The kind of player who destroys less enemies and accomplishes the task quickly is considered to be strong.

The main character Snake in the game almost became the national hero of Japan’s modern era. Equally popular with the movie hero James Bond 007, Snake is less loyal and liberal, but more than calm and deep. In this game, when you’re at the back of the chest looking at the enemy, when you are in the infra-red network, the red point of the sniper rifle will appear on your body. Enemy troops surrounded, you need to keep calm. You have to calmly and strategically think when to attack and when to get back to avoid colliding with the enemy. You must always remember: You don’t have to kill enemies, you are a special commander to complete the mission.