What is a cultural gentleman?

Culture is not a “hard” category, but it is a “soft” category. So, we understand that culture is not about reading a lot of books, going to many places, going through many things, nor is there a high degree.

Academic achievement, advanced diploma are not factors that say that person has culture. In fact, in life there are many people despite high achievements but the personality is incomplete. Therefore, such a person cannot be a truly cultural person. So in the end, how is a person really cultural?

1. Education

Education is the fostering of moral culture. This is the most basic characteristic of cultural people. Polite, courteous, gentle, polite … these words in the old days were all meant to be readers of books and people with culture.

Although current education attaches great importance to practical and utility aspects. But, if a person reads a lot of books, and learns for many years, even if the ceremony means not knowing the minimum, then it can only be said that the person’s personality is incomplete.

Because the educational background of the ancients is the classic works that when reading will have the effect of building the personality of the people. Ancient education attaches great importance to cultivating different from education today attaches great importance to practical effectiveness.

If the teacher had been deviated, after the personality was formed, it would become more and more distorted. That person will influence and harm other people and society more and more, what to say about culture?

The essence of good education is to educate a person with a gentle, peaceful personality. Air harmony, but there is a cheerful face, it will be gentle and tolerant. The motivated person is bound to live intimately, basically without the thought of invading, affecting others.

A person without a nurturing person will always feel discontent in the heart and also in dissonance. People who are in dissonance are always trying to torment others or the whole body will not be comfortable.

Lack of education people also affect others. The word makes others feel an abusive, uncomfortable feeling that aversion to contact.