Why Men Should Practice Yoga Regularly

Contrary to weight training, yoga is a sport that seems to attract female participation. It includes special movements to help muscles become elastic and supple, in addition to helping the brain exercise effectively. Perhaps because there are not many vigorous movements like other sports, men often do not choose to pursue yoga. However, unlike what we usually think, yoga makes you use almost all the muscles in the body, sometimes yoga will be much more tired than weight training. Here are 5 reasons why men should consider to practice yoga.

1. Relieve stress

There are many different sports that help relieve stress, but yoga is the most effective form of stress relief. It is the way that regulates breathing and the postures that will work to make us comfortable and soft rather than aggressively lifting weights or punching sandbags.

2. More supple

Most yoga exercises have a squirming position to relax muscles and bones. It can help you a lot in other sports and strengthen your digestive system. Imagine your body is an old dishwashing sponge and full of dirty water, just gently twist, it will remove all the dirt.

3. Stimulate the development of more muscle groups

In order to practice yoga, we will need many different muscle groups that normally do not use gym, such as the lower arm muscles or the flanks. If you know how to combine gym and yoga regularly, your muscles will grow evenly throughout your body, and your endurance will also increase significantly.

4. Preventing injuries

Those who practice yoga will know their own strength and limitations, so they will know how to avoid injuries that may occur during exercise. Moreover, the flexible body and the regular stretching muscles will help you recover from the gym very quickly.

5. Enhancing sexual ability

A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga helps to speed up the production of male sex hormones testosterol, which helps men feel more inspired and boosts blood to the genitals, helping maintain erection of the genital organs. On the other hand, women who practice yoga will achieve stronger orgasms. So, ask your partner to practice yoga to improve sex life.